I believe, that we have to connect to the first Israel to make the second. The first Israel was a country that initiated the monotheistic religions. First it was just us Jews, then it was Christianity and the Islam.

But when something has stopped, it has to start again. We need to understand what it was that stopped, find the first Israel, to make the second.

The first Israel, was a small country squeezed in between the Assyrian republic of Babylon and the kingdom of Egypt.

It had the joy to reap the best ideas of both. On one hand it reaped the new ideas of Moses (an Egyptian) and at the other ideas was enveloped in the science and advanced civilisation of the Assyrians.

Many of the stories of the Torah are experiences and good advice for a democratic or republican institution as the Babylonian Assyric.

How do we understand then where we should stand today? By reading the prophets of that time. Like Daniel, who was a member of the Babylonian court, and other great prophets of that time.

They spurned the religious/metaphysical development very far, and we have to understand how they saw it.

They lived in a time, where the ideology was vibrant and alive, we need to connect to that vibrancy and life. Live the ideas of what Judaism truly is. Give power to the heaven, not just for ourselves, support the poor in their misery, and strive for goodness.

In this lies the rebuilding of Israel. Not just the frame or the language, but the ideology.

G-d bless Israel.

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