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The political/security situation in Europe is becoming more and more complicated as the Middle East is flowing in over the borders of the EU.

Let us first look at the big WHY? Why do the flow of migrants never stop flowing.

To understand that, we need to understand the structure of the EU. The EU was made, according to some of the criticisers I have read, as a reaction to the rise of the Nazis before the second world war. The conclusion was, as I understand it, that the people were to blame. The German people elected leaders that threw the continent into turmoil and destruction.

Well, first of all, the first world war, that was as violent as the second world war, perhaps even worse in the trenches of the Belgian front, was not started by the people, but by the leaders.

So the these that the EU is built upon is truly false. Harmony in a civic body is not about one or the other part of society having power, but about the true balance of power between the different parts of society.

This is why the EU does not work. It does not work, because the tilt in the favour of the political and bureaucratic aristocracy is too strong. The EU is a construction where the peoples of Europe are virtually powerless. We have seen it in Greece, where the Greek people have voted in and out, but their consent is totally ignored. We have seen it in the discussion of migration from the Middle East. The peoples of Europe are adamantly against it, but the political and bureaucratic class has, so far, supported it vigerously.

In a balanced society, it would never have come to this. The open borders, the soft hand on the islamists and so on. The peoples would have voted out.

We can see it in the local national governments. Here the citizens are voting in favour for some very loudmouthed anti migration parties, some founded on even nazi ideas!

This is not to scorn anybody, I know that this is a difficult issue, and I have tried to support all the different parties, and not pick sides. This is just to point to the fact, that the system is flawed.

If you compare the current EU system to the system of the Carthaginians, who, according to Aristotle, had an admirable system. you can here see the equilibrium in effect. In Carthago the senate was run by the most experienced leaders of the republic. But if these leaders could not agree on something unanimously, they had to present the issue to the people. So there was a fine balance there. Carthago existed seven hundred years, and despite its dark sides, it remained an industrious culture for a very very long time, it was not until Rome rose, that it fell.

So my point is, the EU will fall, because the construct is simply flawed.

G-d bless the peace we will find after all the chaos we are now entering.

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