Middle East minorities

282px-LammasuThe Middle East is in turmoil, as it has been for so many times. But this time, there seems to be a certain inhumanity in the way things are done.

One of the things i have been worried about, is the persecution, yes outright eradication of minorities. Especially the Yazidi as well as the Coptic minority.

I truly believe, that we should not fight for Christendom only in the Middle East theatre. Fighting a crusade like fight, will connect us to some of the atrocities the crusaders have done in the Middle East, and that is a problem. I believe we should fight from a clean moral perspective, and that is the democratic.

But within the democratic ideology lies an idea about the protection of minorities. The minorities of the Middle East, especially the Coptic and Yazidi are wonderful little societies of pure faith.

But, there is another society that I would like to point to. That is the minority of the Assyrian. This little Christian community is forced to leave the Middle East, and is persecuted by the Islamic State. Some of them forced to be slave brides.

This is the inhumanity that is an abomination of all creeds.

As the crusaders were, in some areas inhuman, this IS monster is just the same.

Therefor, I think we should look out for the Assysrians. Not just because they are more or less helpless, but also because they, as many other parts of the Middle East theatre, carry one of the oldest cultures of the human civilisation. They, more or less, started human civilisation with grand personalities as Nimrod and Semiramis. With polises as Babylon and Nineveh.

If they are eradicated from history, at great, great loss will be the consequence.

G-d bless the willingness to be fair and human in a conflict that tears out all humanity from the eyes of the savage who are wrong.

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