​OK Mr. Kushner, I have tried to relay you some of the things you need to think about, if you want to work in the Middle East with peace. Again. 

1. Think out of the box, to continue the endless Palestinian talks is a waste of time.

2. Understand the peoples of the Middle East. Here the history is a key.

3. Make your own plan, but do it within the frame of what Israel is already. Your greatest problem is that you are a new, nobody knows you truly. So you need to get your hands dirty. When I started my political career, I did it by going out to the people, and asking them what they had on their mind. It ended me up in a far right group, but they were the ones who cared, and knew things. A kind of pilgrimage in my own country. Maybe that could be an idea for you as well. Talk to people, the settlers, the different political players, the artists, the engineers, the people living under a constant threat of violence, just so that they know you, and vice versa. 

Again, my door is open, you can come here to Aalborg if you wish. Not much of a town, but the happiest town on earth, believe that if you will.

I will try and help you the best that I can. Else, I will, myself, continue the work I have done in the Middle East, and hopefully support whatever process that will lead to the development of each ancient country. 

But most of all, be humble. This part of the planet deserves it, it is one of the cradles of civilisation, and they are very proud of it. If you understand that, and sees them for what they are, you have a chance to do something else. 

Good luck. 

G-d bless the will to be wise and support the well being of Israel.

And Jared, to really live up to examples setup by earlier generations, there is a long way to go, but we need to try. 

Link to a testimony of a Holocaust surviver. 

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