Congratulations Mr. Macron and Ms. Le Pen. Both did a good job of getting to the second round of the French election. First of all, as I founded the movement that Ms. Le Pen is a part of, I am off cause proud of you Marine. Well done. Secondly, what I think France needs is not a firebrand, but a serious political process that leads to a heightened security, and beats the islamist that are in the country. 

This will mean the deconstruction of the EU, but that will come anyway whatever France do. With Marine at the helm, it will be controlled with Macron at the helm it will be total chaos. 

Marine has another thing going for her. She is a good friend of Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin. In a chaotic scenario, these friendship would be good to have for France. Mr. Trump can help with troops, and Mr. Putin can help in the international theatre, where France will play another role with Marine at the helm than what he does now. 

There is only one thing, that I do advise Ms. Le Pen to do, use my economical ideas, as the UK and the US does. It has lead to dramatic increase in the production output of both countries, and it benefits your voters. 

These people are in trouble, they need food on the table. Talk to either Trump or May about it. Or read about it here on Rubicon. I have written about it quite extensively. 

Anyway, good luck both, I support Le Pen, but I recognise the qualities of Mr. Macron as well. 

G-d bless the will of the French.

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