The philosopher kings

To understand how you become a true leader of Israel and thereby have a chance to further the goals and the wellbeing of jews, we need to look at the stars of Israel.

First of all of cause Shimon Peres, the greatest star of Israel and one of the founding fathers.

There were others in the beginning, but mr. Peres was there always it seems.

The energy, the dedication, the sacrifice he was ready to make, is unrivalled. And through this immense sacrifice he was able to push a peace agenda at last.

The other star, though, unfortunately to us all so short lived, is Yonatan Netanyahu. He was also a hero, well educated, a true warrior and he paid the largest price for Israel.

What is truly the common denominator between these two? They were both philosophers and warriors.

Through an immense learning, and a will to fight, they lead Israel.

To make peace in the Middle East, you need to reach these lofty heights. Be both a warrior and a scholar.

If you look at an other leaders in history, we see, the philosophical warriors are the best. Alexander the great, raised by Aristotle. Julius Caesar, himself a learned man and a warrior. Marcus Aurelius, Carl the great and me.

The philosopher kings.

These are the leaders, and they are few, but when they appear. They change the course of history.

G-d bless Israel, the land of both learning and proud fighters.

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