The Freedom of our world

2017 is about be be one of those pivotal years. The year where the populace finally had enough of bickering and the lack of action in the face of islamist violence.

The pace is picking up now. Attack after attack after attack. In an endless stream, and this is just the beginning.

In a conflict, the two parts will be facing each other to the bitter end. As in the Soviet Union and the US, as the Phoneicians against Rome, as in all major wars where the one side is unbowed when it comes to compromise.

There is no compromise with violent jihadis. Their belief in a holy war is too strong, and they have nothing to lose, nothing.

Importing a vast underclass of unskilled, untrained and poor migrants and then just leaving them alone with no hope to further their situation has led to this, if we want it or not.

The ideals of multiculturalism have become a nightmare.

Even I as a wizard of political solutions cannot solve this in a peaceful manner. It is going down in a gunfight, if we want it or not.

When people bring a gun to a gunfight, dont go there with a pocket calculator as the word go. Be prepared.

This goes for all European states with a huge diaspora of Middle East and Northern African populace.

There is no good news in this chaos, there is only hope in one thing; what we fight FOR.

We do not only fight for the survival of our species in a sense, we fight for the freedom we will regain when this is over. Republicanism, liberty.

The one ingredient in our civilisation we will not let go of.

Let the bells toll, let them tell all the foes of our nations, that we will not relinquish the one thing we hold truly dear; our freedom!

G-d bless the willingness to sacrifice ourselves for the freedom of our world.

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