The enemy is finding its allies

Well the war is drawing closer, and all its allies are gearing up. Yesterday someone vandalised the mast of my little sailing boat. They picked up two of the lines holding the mast, making the mast fall onto some adjacent boats.

The islamists and their allies are packing their gear and readying their weapons.

I am waiting for an official reaction to the crime, if none is given, I think it is high time we put Denmark in the category “pro islamist”.

If they are threatening on this level, and getting away with it, it is pretty clear that we have found out where their loyalty is.

I am trying to pull at some of my connections in my party conservatives, if they do not respond, in two days time we have an apparent first open enemy to the democratic league.

It is regrettable, but that is unfortunately the way things are.

If the secret police try to kill me in the next two days, well then you have an open opportunity to open a flank.

G-d bless the willingness to be honest and strong in the face of oppression.

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