Balancing the books

Now mr. Trump is moving into the White House. Congratulations. We had a bit of a row, but I am truly happy that you made it. In contrary to many other liberals, I do not see mr. Trump as a problem. He is a warning from workers and other true Americans that we forgot them. We should see him, and treat him as such.

We are, luckily in agreement of most foreign policy matters. Especially on Russia, we agree.

Mr. Putin is not the threat he has been portrayed as, and the Ukraine conflict that was at the heart of the conflict we have now, was done in a pretty democratic manner.

Where we do have a little of differences, is in relation to Iran.

I supported mr. Obama on this, and there is a reason for that.

First of all, it is because of Israel. Mr. Netanyahu and I disagree on Iran, because Netanyahu has a country to protect. I really understand the stance of Netanyahu, but I truly wish to empower the peace efforts of Israel. This is what Israel is; a vehicle for peace.

But there is another reason for supporting an pro Iranian deal. That is, that Iran and Russia are allies.

So if we antagonise Iran, we also antagonise Russia.

Mr. Putin is willing to understand our stance on this, if we get closer as allies. He is no enemy.

But there is a balance of how much he can leave Iran alone, and he is a man of his words, as he proved with Syria.

Mr. Putin does not want to topple the power balance. He could have abused the alienation between the Arab nations and the US much more than he did.

Nonetheless, he is not one for disloyalty either.

We have a huge clash with IS and China coming up. And as I see it, we need to balance the check books on this, so that we end up with sufficient support for these two wars, or potential wars.

This is not my decision to make, but this is the equation as I see it.

Europe is going down in hell, and it will be hard to keep American forces out of Europe. Especially because mr. Putin will be willing to help as well. So there is a certain competition there.

But that scenario will suck up a lot of resources, and will be very dangerous.

My plan, initially, was to bolster the ideological basis of our fight. That is, the glorious fight for Democracy. This is what will happen in Europe, because the Islamists are against exactly that.

If we win, and that we have to. We can setup true humanistic democracies in and around Europe.

In fact, most Europeans will support this fight wholeheartedly, making American troops true liberators. Something we have not seen truly since the second world war.

That will be a good relief for once.

After that comes China, and that will be a different ballgame. Nevertheless, we will see what that will come to.

G-d bless the revolutionaries of America!

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