The holy Nation of Russia

Russia, or the great Rus, have had a long arduous walk. For a thousand years, it has been on the edge of Europe, kind of forgotten, and then just attacked over and over again.

While Middle Europe was a part of the Catholic sphere, the Russians were a part of the Eastern European sphere.

So the interchange between east and west was sparse.

This led to a weak ability to defend itself intellectually against many of the explosive developments in Europe. Having to defend itself physically against several revolutions, first the French, the the German.

So now we have the Danish renaissance going on, a new revolution in terms of spirituality and political development.

This time around we need the Russians aboard from the beginning, we will not want another political crusade against those who are our kin. Not this time around, they are our kin, we need to treat them that way.

The political, spiritual revolution should be adapted to Russian standards and history. Each country has its own traditions.

So here is a take on that.

First of all, you need to realize who you are.

You are descendants to those strong and crafty northerners who travelled extensively to the Byzantine  Empire, being hired as guards in the Emperor’s staff.

This makes you, basically Vikings.

Now, to truly appreciate this, and also interpret it in a modern frame, Russia needs to, as I see it, see this first society through the development of Russia thenforth.

There are now two dominant philosophies in Russia, first the Communist ideas still at large, and a part of Russian history. Then there is also the rebirth of the Russian church.

These two intermingled developments should be understood in relation to the roots of Russia.

They can, if you understand what these things are.

Let us begin with Communism. Communism is a philosophy, that was created by Karl Marx. A Jewish, German intellectual 150 years ago.

What he did, was to create a materialistic philosophy with the ideal of the ancient Hellenic city Sparta.

With the renewal of the Russian church, I think the Russians have, by and large, shed the materialism of Communism, and have renewed a faith in G-d. All well and good, and I have the feeling, that this is very good for Russia. Not believing in G-d makes an empty life.

So, me, being a red Tory, I believe, that this is right. Not all in Communism was bad, only some of it, mainly the lack of faith. That was what brought Communism down, basically.

So, I have left this idea, and harked back to Hegel, the master of Marx, who was spiritual and believed in the holy nation of Germany. There you have it, the holy nation of Russia.

Now, to go a little deeper into the discussion, one needs to understand what the idea of Communism really was, in the good parts, and revive that.

This means, understanding Sparta.

As I see it, Marx misunderstood Sparta, mainly because he did not see the connection between the Scandinavians that the Spartans had as parents and predecessors, and also because he did not heed the advice of Lycurgus, the founder of Sparta. To Lycurgus, to have a community, you need to have firm borders around it, to make it work.

That is important, international solidarity is wrong, national solidarity is, in a Hegelian perspective right. Not racist, not excluding, but caring for its borders and people.

The boarding schools of England

There is another place, where the Spartan ideas were applied, before Communism, and that is in the boarding schools of England.

I imagine, that Marx must have been inspired by the system he was in, when he got his ideas about, he was in England at the time.

In a boarding school, all meet in the mass, to eat and be equal.

In Denmark, the boarding school ideas was transferred to Denmark, by the founding father of Danish intellectualism Grundtvig.

Now, things get a little complicated, but bear with me.

You see, in order to make the ideas of Communism work in real life, as they have done in Sparta, in the English boarding schools and the Danish boarding schools (like my own boarding school Vallekilde), you need to see it, in the perspective of the Vikings.

That exactly was what Grundtvig did, and that is why the Danish community thought really works. Because there is a direct connection between Denmark, Sparta and then back to Denmark again.

The Spartans met in the mass everyday. There they chose their kings, and they also ostracized people they did not like. Sparta was, in essence, democratic. Each Spartan was judged by his ability to follow the rules. You could say, that he was judged by the quality of his word. Did he do what he promised?

The same with the Vikings, they met at Thinge, and there you could give your word on the stone of law.

You see, Spartans were really Vikings in the main ideas of how they thought.

So to realize Communism truly, without all the problems of corruption and so on, a renewal of understanding of how Vikings organized their community is possible. In other words, Russia needs to find its own roots, and then they can be as Communist as they want, because the true version of Communism is how we used to do things here in Scandinavia.

See the wisdom of that?

Let Russia be a holy nation again, but based on the values and virtues of their original kin.

G-d bless the rebirth of Russia.

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