The Russian church

In a sense, the Byzantine church has a better chance of reviving itself than the central and western European. Because middle Europe is in the middle of a chaotic development, and this will hopefully end up in harmony, but that would be naive to believe, the current development all points to chaos and strife.

But the ancient churches of the East have no such problems, they are secure have a healthy development, and are consequently able to develop with ease and in a pace that is intellectually sound.

We do not need to make great leaps of faith and intellectualism. We can take I easy.

I believe, that churches have developed by going back to their roots, and finding new answers.

There are several roots to the Eastern churches, off cause the very central church of Constantinople, then there is the Jewish root of Jesus Christ and the Viking root of Scandinavia.

Finding a way to rekindle the spirit of each root is important in the natural development of the Russian church.

At the core however lies a faith, that there is one purpose of any religion, and that is to do good.

We have many answers to that question, but the aim is the same.

G-d bless the wisdom of the ancients.

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