Freedom and virtue

To make another step into the discussion of Russia, and the general political/religious debate of a renewed Russia, one central item is paramount to discuss.

The balance between virtue and freedom.

The ancients had a perfect balance, that seems to me, has been solid in its base throughout the development of Russia.

In Russia, and in the understanding of the czar, the czar was the equal of all other men in regards to ethics.

HE chose his moral virtues, and everybody else did as well.

But in one point there were no discussion, in relation to a mans personal honor, his word.

A man not worth his word, was not a honorable man.

So in a sense, the system of democracy that was given by the Viking ancestors was amplified and found a new balance with the czar.

Then came communism, and in a basic sense, it is the same, though the theoretical order did not know it.

In Sparta, there was the exact same balance of freedom and honour, a Spartan would always honour the law before himself, and no one was above the law, not even the two kings.

In fact, the Spartans respected the law so much, that they preferred to die in battle than to meet dishonour. A very good example was in the battle at Thermopylae, where the wise and courageous Leonidas faced a Persian army of a million with 300 men.

They held for three days.

This was the courage and the respect for law the Spartans had.

Today, Russia has two systems, that of communism that still is a part of Russia, and that of the czar, that was the ruler of the church.

My point is, it is not about the system itself, it is about the honour of each Russian. That he may find a way to uphold his honour and respect the law.

He should be free to carry that through, in order to support the community that he is a part of.

The freedom he has, is the freedom to find his own way, his own values.

So that he is an equal to the czars of Russia.

Each man is a free man, to follow and choose a path that he feels is a reflection of spirit.

G-d bless the spirituality of Russia.

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