United States of America

Finally the day has arrived, where my ideas have become mainstream right wing. With the beautiful speech by mr. Trump at the State of the Union, also the right wing has become Trierists. Now BOTH the left and the right wing are true believers in my ideas.

Imagine that.

From a fight in the ditches of the resistance to a celebrated philosopher of BOTH right and left wing.

I agree, there could be more decorum seen from the left perspective, and there could be more guts seen from the rights perspective.

But, the fact of the matter is, America is on its way back on track. The economy is moving in the right direction, the security is moving in the right direction, and the VALUES are more in focus.

Still there is a lot to do, we are still in the beginning of these new ideas, already look at the progress. Imagine in ten or twenty years.

So, thank you mr. President, it is indeed nice of you to reach out, and for my part, I believe we should unite under one banner. The banner of freedom and Democracy. Because this is what we share.

For a United States of America, and may G-d bless him.

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