The light unto the Nations

There has been a lot of discussion on the relationship between the Christian communities of Israel and the state of Israel.

Now, I do not know the details of the debacle. I am not in Israel, even though I would love to be there, one of my friends has just returned from Israel, and it is supposed to be 30 degrees celcius as opposed to 5 here in Denmark.

BUT, my basic understanding of the debacle is, that even though it could be just smoke from a fire, there is always some kind of fire behind the smoke. Some got angry with each other, and since every little piece of Israel is fiercely fought over, someone had a fight.

Listen, we as jews must be the guardians of all three monotheistic creeds. I know, that the Gaza Strip is fighting us, but in the end, animosity from either Christian or Muslims must be seen in the light of our responsibility. That responsibility is to be the NEUTRAL part in the conflict, and try to mediate the conflict the best we can.

We must, if we want to be leaders of all three monotheistic religions, which is the very idea of Israel, be the light upon the nations. We must shed our own anger, and be able to look at the issues from a diplomatic and neutral point of view. Christians as well as Muslims must feel welcome and not feel threatened. Ok, if some attack us without reason, then we must respond. But we must be the response not the initiators.

In this way, Israel will realise its promise, being the light unto the nations.

G-d bless the will to find peace and solve the conflicts with a eye to the mission of Israel.

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