The Springsteen blues

imageWhen we get older, we start to forget about the initiation of our lives, we seem to forget what it was all about. I have grown up a poor boy, the first many years of my existence were, honestly, terrible. It gave me a lot of scars and a lot of experience about the bottom of society. But I have, singlehandedly fought my way out of the misery, and as of now, I do actually feel pretty ok. I have a little family, I have a beautiful wife, a place to stay, a job that is not too terrible, and an ongoing artistic career that a care a lot about. But I still worry about the secret police, will they try another blow, what will they do now, and so on.

Kierkegaard, the Danish philosopher, had this way of theorizing. He looked at his own life, and used his own experiences as a guiding light. This is much better than sitting somewhere in an ivory tower and theorizing about things that you know nothing about. It makes me a strange bird in the world of academics, but hey, even the academic life needs outsiders to give them new roads to travel down at. And to me, the greatest philosophers lived their own ideas out.

But what if you get too far away from that dark place you started out from, that river of misery, that train of broken dreams, because you actually get out of the trailer park. What then, how can you do something for those still in it. How can you actually contribute all Americans, Danes, Englishmen, Frenchmen, Germans and so on. You can do it with the Bruce Springsteen method.

I like Bruce Springsteen, and actually, I have thought about where he might have gone in this election cycle, he used to be out there on the trail together with the Democratic contender. Where is he.

Anyway, I will tell you about his method, that I once read about. Now, when he is worldfamous, and miles away from the dump he started out from, he has, sometimes, problems with what to write songs about. But then he goes into himself, and he starts remembering that dark place why he came from, and songs starts coming again. That river of misery.

Now, I know that mr. Trump has made an idiot out of himself, you cannot blame the media for pulling out stories of mistreating women. You should not mistreat women, period. But he had some of that Springsteen blues in him. He did go out and understood the misery of not getting a job, loosing your dreams and seeing everything fall apart around you. He has that blues, and that we can learn from him. Because, yes, he is a bad messenger, but his message is true.

G-d bless the United States of America, and may it rise to shine again.

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