Ukraine and Crimea

Well, the current situation in Ukraine, is basically the result of what I thought about the crisis, through the recognition of Crimea by me, and later the international community.

Why did I recommend that?

Well, as I see it. States are not the legal framework, or the army, or the parliament. It is the framework around a group of people united by an idea, a religion or most commonly by historical events that slowly made an identity for that people.

A good example is the frontiersmen and the struggle for independence United States of America has been through. It gave something to the identity of America.

So states are just the organization of this living collection of people with a story of its own. The difficulty as a leader and as an architect of the states (the philosophers), is to make a state that reflect the will and the history of the people in the state. Politicians feel this very clearly, if they do not follow the will of the people, they will not be voted in the next term.

In Ukraine there are basically three distinct people, intertwined but still distinct. The Russians, the Ukrainians and the Tatars.

Each are sharing some history, each are distinct.

So the natural consequence would be to share the territory of Ukraine in to two separate states, and give the Russians one, and the Ukrainians one.

The Tatars should really also have one too, but it seems to me, that the Crimeans have made some kind of agreement with Turkey, so that they are sharing the Crimean territory in a fair way.

This creates a balance. A balance between Ukraine and Russia. And a balance between East and West. Each have their fair share.

Hopefully in the future, the Russians and the Ukrainians will feel that they are in possession of a territory, where they are prone to have their rights protected, and have a state where they can develop their own culture and take part in the events of history as an equal partner to the rest of the world.

Making a solution to the crisis is not about giving in to this or that part of the conflict, it is about creating a long-term solution for the enigma.

When Alexander the great were given the task of the Gordian knot to solve, he solved it by cutting it into two pieces. What was there to learn from that? We can learn that to solve a problem, we need to make a clean cut. Too much entanglement is not good, but a clean start will make it possible to rebuild from each perspective.

If everybody just took a step back, and actually looked at the situation without too much feelings invested, they would see, that the solution that is right now is fair. Each people have a home. Exactly actually what we are working everywhere else. As in Syria, where the solution would be exactly the same. That each people should have their state to protect them.

The same goes with Egypt, Iran, Israel – all states that protects the rights and independence of a given people.

This is how democracies should work.

G-d bless the will to see things clearly.

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