The end and the beginning

We slowly descend into an abyss of hatred, corruption and despair. Our ancient institutions of civilization are dismantled in front of our very eyes. Dismantled by an elite of evil and idiocracy.

We live on the brink of chaos, and we are the willing cattle herded to the slaughter. Yet, there are small glimpses of hope, tiny, flickering lights of illumination. These lights are haunted by the corrupt, and are, as of now so weak, that a gust of wind can blow them out. Yet they continue their beautiful course, undisturbed by the neglect and the evil of the chosen few, on that awfull construct, called our current legislation and rule.

Lets put a few of those principles that has lead to chaos, under the scrutiny of light. First of all, the basic problem of our western world is the detoriation of our institutions. Untill now, the institutions of the west have primarialy been upheld by the nationstate. This is a tradition that is founded in Mesopotamia around seven thousand years ago, and have primarialy been conveyed to the west through Hellas and Rome.

The city state is held in balance through a series of checks and balances. The idea, according to Polybius, Plato and Machiavelli is to balance democracy with aristocracy and kingship. It works pretty well, and is the basis of our current succes. United States of America being the proudest and most eloquent example of this principle today.

However, this way of ruling is meeting its end, and is swapped with another system of simple tyranny called the European Union in Europe, and other unions alike in other parts of the world. There are valiant knights in the system of the UN and the daughters and sons of that system, but its construct is without any serious intelligence and is therefor just a simple tyranny. Ruled by superrich, the industry, and the covert intelligence systems of the world. It is a pity, because the ideals are right, but the execution is below contempt.

So, we loose our heritage of the citystate that has, so far, carried us very long. With this, we also loose the rule of law, because the rule of law is a psychological institution connected to the nationstate. This leads to corruption and chaos.

The principle of chaos connected with the principle of modern warfare; a principle of increased violence and massslaughter. Leads us to a situation, where war on the the most violent and destructive scale is possible. There will be a third world war, a worldwar to dwarf the other worldwars.

It will come, and it will be a kind of final contest between the systems of mankind, it will be the match that will define how mankind will work on a global scale. Simply because the web of telecommunication, intercontinental flight, and so on, forces the human to work out a global system of rule.

This contest will lay the foundation of all the following systems that will span the globe. So the contest i fierce and, in a way, extremely dangerous, not only to the human being, but also to nature as such. If the good guys loose, we might very well, see humankind enslaved by primitive systems as Islam, that will lead to not only the enslavement of the human race but of all living things.

I hope that the fighters of Isis, the defenders of the west, the spiritual enigmas of our world wins, and a new system will emerge on the other side of the abyss. I hope that this system will be a system that will draw on the knowledge of mankind, so that the system will be stable and not lead to new wars.

There will be that final war, that Ragnarok, but if the humane spirit of the west wins, we might emerge victorious, winning peace to mankind for all eternity.

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  1. December 1st, 2010 at 19:42 | #1

    Dear Asger. I survived “the end” recently and know for certain that we can create a peaceful world within a few decades. You know who´s supporting us on the road to the promised turning: “God.” He gave us The Human Rights in 1948 and they will soon be the foundation we build on.
    Yours sincerely Dorte Thornholm, Korsør.

  2. Asger Trier Engberg
    December 4th, 2010 at 20:55 | #2

    Dear Dorthe 🙂 Thank you for comment. I absolutely agree. It is possible to find a way to find peace. It will be very difficult, but if we strive, it is possible 🙂

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