After the war

So, we are, kind of, starting to discuss the blame of the 7 th October. At least mr. Netanyahu has started to point to the secret service not giving him a fair warning.

This may be, and honestly we are all to blame. But it points to the end of the war.

I do believe, that the unity we had in the beginning has run out, and it gives us a pretty dangerous situation. The right is very idealistic in one direction, and the left is kind of left out.

We have to find some kind of middle ground.

That is why I written the book “Eden”, that is an attempt at a discussion of the Israeli state.

We HAVE to be able to discuss how we find some kind of middle ground.

I know, that that role of keeping everybody in the middle is mine really, and that is not easy.

Anyway, as we end the war, there will be a discussion on who to blame, and HOPEFULLY also a constructive discussion on a positive path for Israel after the war.

G-d bless the will to find a positive way for Israel.

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