Change, what is that?

Listen guys, you have two choices, either you follow the tenants of Karl Marx, or you follow the tenants that I have made in the consecutive development of socialism.

Please let me try and explain.

Karl Marx tried to envision a society that was the opposite of the ideas that the philosopher Hegel envisioned. Hegel was one of the founding fathers of German nationalism (before Hitler).

In Hegels vision, the nation is a spiritually driven idea or perspective that would lead people to enligthentment. You still are very strong in this regard in the US; G-d bless America is a Hegelian idea.

Marx wanted to Change the ideas, and he did, but we need to realise, that he had some progress, but some of the ideas he made were not good. Among them the defection of the nation state.

Believing in your country is not a bad thing, it is a good thing.

Globalism has showed us, that no borders make a huge mess. We have seen it, not least in the EU, that is, honestly a huge mess.

There are some theoretical ideas to explain this. I have discussed it in the light of the ancient ideas of the city state of Sparta, that was Marx ideal state. Lycurgus, the philosophical founder of Sparta was quite clear about how to make a commune. It has to be closed, hermetically closed.

In my view, this is where Marx makes his worst mistake. He has this idea, that workers can unite all over the world. That is a good idea, but to be realistic, each unit has to be closed in order for each commune to work. At least this is the idea of Lycurgus, and he made a system that worked for 700 years, dig that.

In other words, the logical development of socialism is to go back to Hegel for the spiritually enlightened nation, fixing the flaw of the Marxist idea, and making a system that actually work.

Add to this a reenacting of the family as the basic commune, and there you have an immensely strong political system.

Still we need to keep all the ideas and lore of the French revolution to my mind, these ideas were really good; enlightenment of the press, democracy and that city at the top of the hill.

Understanding these ideas and visions, that is the basis of Change is really important I think. Not only to save America, that is in dire straits, but also to save liberalism as such.

We are in a corner, with our back against the wall, therefor we need Change.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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