Economy and the works of it

Well, the UK is in a bit of a bind. On one hand, the EU is trying its best to hinder the trade of UK into the EU, at the other hand, the US is really doing its best to help the UK. 

But what are really the mechanics of the system, and how may the UK prosper after it has left the EU?

First of all, you need to understand world trade by understanding Adam Smith. Adam Smith is the philosopher behind the trade system that we have today. He argues for free trade everywhere in the world, and the simple argument is, that in order for all to prosper trade should be free. 

There is off cause an aber dabei to this. Because there are rules. Piracy, that is stealing goods from other countries in the world is wrong and should be regulated and stopped. Stealing know how is also wrong as well as copying. 

But apart from that, free trade is really a good thing for the world, it gives each country or nation in Smiths perspective the ability to focus on the qualities of its own people and traditions. As we here in Denmark have an ancient tradition for shipping that goes all the way back to the Viking age, we are good merchants and have good merchantfleets as Maersk, the crown jewel of Danish industry. 

The same goes for the US and the UK. By investing in research and development, the nations have develop goods that people around the world likes to buy. Like cars and aero planes. 

There is a constant competition in this area, as the new gadget or product is developed. 

Lately the US have had some smash hits within the telephone industry and computers due to a combination of a very good developmental startup community, some very well educated people and the right leaders. 

So investing in education, first class universities and so on is not only for the benefit of the citizens, it is also an economic calculation. 

Behind the scenes is a first class banking sector, that may be a bit unethical around the edges, I truly admit that, everybody admits that. But the good thing about having Jewish bankers around is the capital flow they can provide for new enterprises. Yes, off cause it has to be controlled if it is not able to do it itself. But if it is focusing on making progress within key areas, while making money on the side for themselves, everybody is happy. We even have a term for it; business angels. 

But, and this is where the UK has to get used to how things work in a globalised world, there is a free flowing of production capability in the world that is destructive to the system. You can outsource your production to China and India, especially China, and that destroys the system itself. 

Then R and D can be done in the US or UK at the expense of tax payer money, and then moved to another country. That destroys the balance of the system. 

As a consequence, we need to put in checks and balances to counter that problem. This was done by Obama and continued, with amazing success, by mr. Trump, making a huge trade deficit with China much smaller and giving back jobs to unemployed American workers. 

Not only does it lift the economy, it makes jobs and most important, it creates an industrial base for the military to work with. 

The industrial complexes that the civil industry makes can be changed into making weapons. 

That is conservative politics at its best, and it helps the workers as well, thereby giving that reach over the aisle in the parliament.

You can underpin the theories with Adam Smith himself, he knew it to be a potential problem, and wrote extensively about it. 

His angle on it was ethics and morale. He wanted the producers to be loyal to the nation. Again a fine conservative principle.

I have worked a bit with the Danish industry, and my experience is, that they are very conservative, and WANTS to help the nation. But they feel overlooked and unappreciated. 

That is why a simple tax plan that will show some appreciation of the nation towards the industry and the banking that is loyal to the flag will help tremendously. 

They feel that they truly contribute, they obviously do. So they should be recognized for this. 

Napoleon talked about official recognition. Giving medals. The queen does that. But the state can also help by showing some praise on those who are still loyal within the business community. 

It has worked wonders in the US, and should provide the same relief for the UK. 

Trump has already made good strides as well as Barack Obama. 

So some experience has been built. Not to mention, that mr. David Cameron initiated the process in the UK, making progress with it as well. 

G-d bless the prosperous Great Britain. 

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