Feel the Bern

I have given quite a lot of thought to the issue of, what do we do now. If we look at the Republican, they are in total chaos, because they have not accomplished a viable cooperation with Mr. Trump.

This is not to say anything mean about Trump, he is what he is. It is simply to point the finger on, what we need to avoid.

We are living in revolutionary times. We live in these revolutionary times, because we need to. We need to water the roots with the blood of the martyrs.

But these revolutionary times are difficult to handle by the system. We have created outsiders that challenge the system, and the system have a difficult time dealing with it.

The critical stance is good, it is good that we are reminded about our own tendency to be corrupted and not live up to a high moral, ethical standard. This is good, and we should definitely change our behavior in that matter. Be more honest again.

Instead of repulsing our rebel, that is Mr. Sanders. We should listen to him, and meet him. Try and learn from him. Otherwise we might just end up like the Republicans with a weak organisation and a lot of chaos.

A new revolution is not about not having a Democracy, it is about changing our corrupted behavior towards each other in the political dealings.

Take a moment and look at ourselves. Are we what we wanted to be when we were young and idealistic, or are we too old and corrupted by the daily dealings. Maybe it is time to be a little young again, remember why and who. Remember the dreams we used to have, listen to Bernie and we might just also get a little of the Bern.

G-d bless the will to be idealistic and remember our dreams we used to have.

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