Holocaust Remembrance Day

This the holocaust Remembrance Day. When I think about holocaust I reflect on my own family’s tragedy. My family was very lightly hit compared to a lot of the Jews who were living in Eastern Europe, that was where the persecutions were most intense. They just used Jews as slaves in the factories there. It was disgusting.

My grandmother was the only one who had to flee. She did it on a small fisher boat, and that was relatively secure. I mean, just imagine having to be an old woman holed up in a fisher boat fleeing and not knowing what would happen on the other side.

She was extremely respected in Denmark being headmistress of Vallekilde Højskole, a cultural gem in Denmark.

But the nazies had not such fine feelings about old Jewish ladies. She had to flee.

She had a good friend called Brandes who is supposed to be a founding member of Israel. Brandes was a humanist, and this tradition has gone through our family down to me. This is why I care so much about what is happening in Israel. I know, you can say a lot about Israel, but for our family it is supposed to be to be a safe haven for Jews who are persecuted around the world.

Remember that, when you are fighting with the army of Israel. It is not yours, it is a gift given to you with the blood of a lot of Jews, so dont risk that gift.

G-d bless the will to keep Israel safe.

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