International strategy

The current ideological and strategic choices the Biden administration makes has to be professional, founded on a deep understanding of the issues, and hopefully pull the allies with it.

Otherwise the US will be diminished in power, lose the leadership.

Right now, France is battling ISIS on its own home front. We have teachers standing up for freedom of speech a Socialdemocratic president gearing up for at confrontation, all in all brave, wise and intelligent playing the international power game.

France is a rising force in international politics. If France can cooperate with Germany, Europe will be leading the fray.

This is why a thoughtful, multilayered strategy is important.

They Uighurs are persecuted due to the fact, that they seek their own dominance over their land. That is perfect, and respectable. But what if a caliphate will be the result of a American pressure on China. I mean, one thing is, that we are in the hairs of each other, but are we really going to war to make a caliphate?

The Uighurs are not Turks through and through. But Turks seem to be their natural ally, and right now, Europe and Russia seems to be pretty annoyed with Turkey, so an alliance with a ally that will potentially push the Europeans away, giving Europe the mantle and leading role of the world, is that really not something we need to think about.

We Europeans are, in a strange war, much more used to fighting on our own turf, so we will not be shying away for a battle with ISIS here in Europe. We have been cut down and demoralized. But we are pretty good at fighting when it comes to it.

I mean, we have conquered the entire world not more than 70 years ago, because essentially we are fighters. It goes all the way back to our Viking ancestors. France is named after a Viking tribe called the Franks.

My point is, we need to be smart about this, to get back in the game and lead. My natural inclination is to back the US. We have been friends, we are both humanistic Democracies and so on. But France, Germany and the UK are all pretty awesome powers add to this Russia.

So my point is, maybe it is important to think about all the details and the possible inclinations. Look at the game four years down the road, who are we hopefull to be allied with, and what is most natural.

The most natural is to ally ourselves with other humanistic democracies, not possible terrorists.

Just saying.

G-d bless the will to find solutions to difficult problems.

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