Sheik Zayed foundation

So, I have just applied for the Sheik Zayed sustainable prize. It is a very prestigious prize that elevates sustainability to I high level.

We have, to be honest, very little chance to beat all the other contestants. They are all industry leading behemoths of sustainability, and we are just the David of the whole application environment.

So, I hope, that a true intention in meeting over the aisle can actually further the peace and tolerance of the Middle East.

It is not so, that we HAVE to fight, there are actually a way of tolerance as well, highlighting the founder of the prize Sheik Zayed values.

We are proposing a plan to plant trees in the desert, so to make it green, and capture the imagination of the Arabs to something green and lush.

To do this, we are working together.

G-d bless the will to find peace in the Middle East through tolerance and understanding. May we finally be in respect.

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