Welcome presidents!

Well, now we have two Presidents coming to Denmark. One of them even comes to my own home city Aalborg, to make a speech there. Really want to come, but due to severe budgetary restraints, unfortunately this is not possible. 

It is however possible to invite mr. Barack Obama in for a cup a coffee here in my home, the offer is standing Barack, anytime. 

Then we have another president MAYBE coming to Denmark, that is the current president mr. Donald Trump. He comes in normal Trump fashion, that is great uproar, a few scandals and then as a friend coming anyway, because at heart Trump is a friend. 

Anyway, it is a great honour having you here, you are more than welcome, and look forward to the trip. I will at least, and support you however I can when you are here. 

G-d bless the strong alliance between Denmark and the United States of America.

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