Ok, just to clarify. The principle of citizenship is not conservative or liberal, it is a principle that can be either.

You can have a very liberal stance on citizenship, that is everybody can be citizens. Or you can have a very conservative stance on citizenship, that is, that no-one can be citizens.

So instead of making a political stance, my point is, that it is a TOOL you can use, to either be liberal or conservative.

This makes the tool quite flexible, and can be used in many occasions.

It is not easy, and you have to be very strict to make it work, but it actually does work here in Denmark.

Add to this it is fair to consider, that there are certain cultural principles you have to respect when you come to a new place.

With this you have a formula, that will work either way.

G-d bless the will to make a new tool in the debate of migration, and make it absolutely fair.

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