The war

Ok, things are looking REALLY terrible from an Israeli perspective. I am not saying that, to demoralize the IDF, I wish it was different, and it is really not the fault of the army.

The reason is the terrain, the tunnels beneath Gaza are impenetrable with the weapons we have today. I used to champion a tunnel drone, and we did make one, but I guess, it didn’t work or came out of use.

The fact of the ground however is, that as long as the tunnels are still active, we can’t get Hamas all put down, and we can’t get to the remaining hostages.

So, there is only one other option left. That is to stop the war, make a cease fire, and make a deal with Hamas.

This again means, that a lot of the initial goals of destroying Hamas will not come to pass.

Again, I destroyed ISIS, so I know what a victory is. It is to never have to worry about that threat again.

However, right now we are loosing lives every day almost, and we are getting virtually nowhere in terms of getting closer to the goals

So, we can draw things out, or realize that we have lost, and spare lives.

Those are really our only options, horrific as it is.

G-d bless the will to spare the lives of those soldiers who are now lost, and may we have peace.

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