The war

Ok, the current leadership of the Israeli government really got annoyed with me for telling the plain truth.

If you have fought in the same way for so many months, have made a Rafah op, that has exactly the same result as the first 8 months, you have to accept the simple fact, that the strategy does not work.

I mean, since the war is led in exactly the same way, by ground troops, supported by tanks in a city that relies on tunnels, there is really no development in the siege.

Why? Because Hamas is not living above ground, they are living in the tunnels.

So unless there is a way to dismantle the tunnels, we can go on for ever.

That is exactly what will happen, the war will go on and on and on. Lives will be lost, and we will still not be any closer to winning.

I am not saying this to discourage the leadership of Israel, I am simply stating a pretty obvious fact. I have another way, that to move all the civilians out of Gaza, and then just leave Gaza, more or less as it is. The conflict would, at least, move in an another direction.

So, it is not that I believe we couldn’t have won the war, it could perhaps be done, but as long as we continue the same strategy, we will have the same outcome.

I mean, it is not rocket science.

So, either find an another way to fight, or give up.

There is no other real way, I am sorry. But soldiers lives are lost each day, and we are not getting any closer to the goals.

G-d bless the will to do something else, at least.

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