July 7th, 2024

Ok, I have just watched the inauguration speech of Mr. Starmer, well done. That was actually an inspiring and beautiful speech.

I have really tried to figure out, how to keep our democracies healthy and sound.

So, together with Barack, we have kind of made a utopia in the sense, that what we believe will have to drive Change is an ethical renewal or renaissance within civil service.

The virtues of the all the arms of the state has to be renewed. A more just police, a sharper and more progressive scientific institutions, better media, all based on a secure and sound community.

We have been going the wrong way for some time. Having a more just state will reinstate the trust from the public in public institutions.

There is one point, that I have come to understand, through my own fight to give those of little a voice.

A society must be judged by the wealthfare of those who have the least.

The abandoned, the poor, those who does not have much.

People with little means are often most dependent on the state. More often that not the state is arrogant. At least to my experience.

Here in Denmark we have had a long discussion on the unemployment civil services. They are all just run on making sure that they pay as little as possible to those unemployed.

Sometimes they torture people.

Some of these austerity measures, as the UK also has had, must be made much more sound and fair.

We should make sure, that we are not overspending. But the economic rationale that is behind the current treatment of the poor is cynical and heartless.

Making sure those who have the littlest are treated with compassion is vital.

G-d bless the will to see people for what beautiful individuals they are even those who have very litttle.

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