Give Netanyahu a break

July 10th, 2024

Ok, let’s see, if we can analyze on the current situation in Israel.

First of all, Gallant seems to head the government now. It’s his ideas that are implemented. Netanyahu wanted to excempt the Haredi in the military, Gallant was against, so now there is a Haredi enrollment.

When Israel communicates with the US it is Gallant and not Netanyahu.

Netanyahu is really marginalized in his own government.

At the other side, the Palestinian Arab are really feeling the heat, and are close to calling in. That must be said, that that is due to Netanyahu. So in a way it is a bit unfair, that Netanyahus policies seem to work, and he is getting more and more unpopular.

So I am not picking sides, just stating the obvious and I think we need to give Bibi a break.

He is hard pressed, yet he is actually getting things done. Despite all the pressure from around the world.

G-d bless the will to see clearly in a foggy war.

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