The new threats of Europe

When looking at Germany, I see a great promise, and the danger of complete ruin.

If Germany is succesful in regaining control of public opinion. Or rather is in harmony with what the people wants, it may thrive and grow, if not, and that is a very obvious danger, the state will fall, and a revolution will ensure.

Am I right? Have a look at the rest of the West. The US as one of the examples. Putting Trump up as president is a good thing in the sense, that it stops the people from outright revolt.

It seems to me, that the European leaders somehow have forgotten what it is to rule, and the dangers of it.

If you do not listen to the peoples, they will rebel, and that is a very, very dangerous thing the for the elite.

Take the Breivik case. Yes it was a horrible act, but it was an act of public rebellion. It happened, because the people of Norway is against the current mood of the elite.

As simple as that.

Now, let us take an example, that at least the Eastern Europeans might know. The fall of Michael the usurper in the 1000 century in the Eastern Roman Empire.

How did that come to pass? It happened, because the PEOPLE were so reviled by the deeds of the usurper. He did things, that they simply would not accept. Such as sending the true heir, Zoe in exile and cutting her hair off.

It might sound strange today, but the rage of the people is VERY strong thing.

Now in the last forty years, the elite of Europe have had great ideas, and consequently tried to enforce them. Mainly the idea of integrating the European nations into on nation.

This was done with stealth, and done without the consent of the peoples.

For a long time it went quite well, mainly because the peoples, did not know what was going on. It let the european elites into a belief, that the peoples of Europe were accepting the plans, and they were so busy with all their plans, that they forgot the peoples wishes.

Now, as it happens, eventually the peoples realized what was going on, and they abhor the very idea of loosing their beloved nations, especially because the unwise decisions of migrating vast hordes of unskilled and uneducated peoples of the third world into Europe somehow ALSO seemed like a good idea at the time.

Well, this has proven wrong, and we are now living in the hangover of the great experiment of Delors.

We, the children, are left to try and salvage some kind of future in the grasp of radical islam, a mass loss of production capability, new enemies in and around us, mass rapes and so on and so forth. Thank you very much Jaques Delors.

Anyway, there is hope, but it is very slim.

The hope is, that the elite will finally wake up the the needs of the people, and start listening to what their needs are.

If not, they will rebel, that is always what happens, when an elite is too far away in their own world, and think that peoples can just eat cakes if they have no bread. Or just put up security windows, when the entire country is having a mass theft of goods due to the open borders.

You cannot despise the needs of the people for very long and live as a political entity. Look at history, and that will tell you so.

The example of Michael and Zoe is one, the example of the Russian and the French Revolution is another.

Now, mr. Barack Obama is his wisdom saw this, and he took me under his wings.

To be honest, I started out as a revolutionary philosopher. The heirs to the first phase of my development is still here, led by mr. Steve Bannon.

Anyway, getting a little older and perhaps wiser, I have started to support the elite. I believe, that if the elite is persuaded to listen to the people, we can avert a revolution.

Maybe I am wrong, maybe I am right.

But IF we can make the elite see, that the massmigration and open border policy is at the direct detriment of the peoples of Europe, we can perhaps work together.

The first step is to reinstate the power of the Nations, and get rid of the corrupt EU bureaucracy. Not totally, there are things that the Eurocrats can work on, like regulating the fisheries and so on.

But the true power must rest with the people.

There is a storm brewing in the horizon, not to see it, is folly. The European elite has a choice to side with the people and fight the islamists of Erdogan and the Muslim Brothers, or go against them.

In Denmark we are siding with the people, we have just made major reform fighting said enemy. It makes the people rest.

So, instead of fighting the people, side with them in their sincere need of protection and safety.

The chaos that the EU has brought us so far, is not the path. The path is peaceful cooperation between sovereign nations.

Erdogan is quite open about his intentions with Greece. It is in high time, that we side with Greece in their calamity, and start raising our own armies to counter the islamists, and IS that has again reared its ugly head in France.

This is not a religious fight it is a fight for our freedom, against an intolerable enemy, who likes to rape women. That is the base of their moral conduct, and by the honor of our own daughters, we will fight.

G-d bless the will to find peace amongst us all.

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